Bear Crossing 7: The Spy Who Woof'd Me


Bear Crossing 7: Update

To our bear family,

We regret to inform you that Bear Crossing 7: The Spy Who Woof’d Me is canceled.

The Adam’s Mark Hotel, our host for the event, has informed the KC Bear Mafia that they will be closing indefinitely due to the threat of COVID-19; they have released all of their contracts (including ours) and terminated all guest reservations. They will be refunding all deposits.

For anyone who has registered for Bear Crossing — including the non-refundable early bird special — we will be providing a full refund to you for any passes you’ve purchased.

Please keep in mind that the KC Bear Mafia is completely volunteer-based, and during this time there may be other unforeseen hurdles.

  • We ask that you allow us 10-14 days to initiate the refund process which may also take additional time depending on our bank, PayPal and your bank.
  • In some cases, our bank (or yours) may require us to send a check to you if refunding to the original payment method is not available.
  • If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us via email at

This will not be the end of Bear Crossing or the KC Bear Mafia. We have hope that the medical community will figure out a way for us to return to normalcy. We will embrace each other again.

With all of the virtual bear hugs we can send…

KC Bear Mafia Admin Committee

Larry Sharp
Bryan See
Brandon Wilcox
Dustin Smith


The Kansas City Bear Mafia is an organization dedicated to provide free support, promotion, assistance and outreach for the LGBTQ community and in particular the gay bear community of Kansas City.