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Month: April 2015

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Vendor Registration Live!

If you’d like to register to be a vendor at Bear Crossing 2 you can now do so on the registration page! Our hotel only has one large hospitality suite so we have to make it dual purpose. You have the option to vend on either Friday or Saturday if you do not wish to break down your booth. Otherwise, you can vend both days and we can provide some help to you in order to make it easier to sell your goods both days! Also, vendors are able to purchase up to two full run passes for the low price of $65 each! Just be sure to register before July 31st and make sure to secure your hotel room!


For local service groups that want to provide information and not sell items, please contact us about opportunities to set up shop and meet the bears!

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Last days to get your pass at the lowest price!

SCREAM if you can’t wait for Bear Crossing 2! Also, prices will go up after April 19th to $99! So get your passes now at the excellent low price of $85! That gets you *THREE* after parties with included alcohol and food, a night at SPLASHDANCE 2: Return to the Bear Lagoon – an exclusive bear party at an indoor water park, Furnado 2: Electric Beargaloo – an exclusive bear dance party and much much more!

Get registered at and make sure to book your hotel room early! We are expecting to sell out fast! Early bird registration is available for only $85 for a full run pass! That price will go up after April 19th! Rooms are only $99 a night!